frontlawnAbout the Library
The Hood County Library located at 222 North Travis Street, has been in operation since 1965. Our collection contains over 55,000 items and is continuously updated.

Hood County Library's Vision Statement
Hood County Library should be a community gathering place where learners of all ages can pursue, collaborate, and share their personal, educational, and professional goals.

Hood County Library’s Mission Statement

It is our mission to build a community of learners, dreamers, and doers by offering a wide variety of materials and programs. We want to serve as a resource for enrichment, entertainment, self-directed learning, and the exploration of ideas by providing a well-balanced collection and programs in various formats by utilizing changing technology.

Special mission: Encourage a love of reading, learning and intellectual curiosity for children, pre-teens and teens.

Collection Development Mission
The Hood County Library strives to collect and maintain a well-rounded collection of materials in various formats to assist its patrons with their personal, educational, and professional needs regardless of age, income, education, religious or political beliefs; and to make no judgment on the nature of individual material requests for the collection. The collection should reflect a diversity of ideas and the interests of the community and its patrons.