Seed Library

What is a seed library?

A seed library provides access to seeds for patrons to grow at home. A patron can "check out" seeds, then collect seeds at maturity to return to the library to share with other community members.

  • Purpose statement:
The Hood County Library wants to promote community involvement. Along with the Lake Granbury Master Gardeners, we hope to contribute to the increase of biodiversity, educate individuals on plant life and sustainability, as well as maintain plant varieties suited to our climate.

How to Get Involved:
Donate! Donate! Donate!
We are in need of the following seeds:
Native Texas plants fruits, vegetables and other edibles

We would love to partner with
knowledgeable gardeners to host educational
programs for patrons.

Seed Protocols

How Do I "check out" Seeds?
Come to the library, we'll show you where our seeds are and each visit you may check out 2 seed envelopes. It's only 2 so that we can keep the library sustainable. We ask that you fill out our seed check out form with what you've taken so that we can keep up with our inventory of donated seeds. And if you can, please "return" new seed donations to the library whenever you can. 
How do I save Seeds?
The Seeds Savers Exchange has some great tips on how to save your seeds.

Basically, The seed donation Protocol is:

  • Save from healthy plants
  • Save from a number of plants this provides genetic diversity. Increases vigor, germinations, and yield over generations.
  • Put space between varieties Produces true-to-type seeds prevents cross pollination
  • Provide as much information as possible Seed name and variety open-pollinated, heirloom, or hybrid properly package seeds clean and dry labeled envelope, baggie or jar that you are willing to part with 
This was adapted from seed savers exchange.
Who has good information about local plants?
The Lake Granbury Master Gardeners and Rio Brazos Master Naturalist have a wealth of information about local plants.
I checkout out some seeds. Now what?
Time to garden! Here is a link to a guide for gardening beginners.
Are there any seeds I shouldn't donate?
Yes, some plants are invasive in Texas and we'd like to avoid this. Here is a link to the list of invasive plants in Texas.