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Friends of the Library

Who are Friends of the Library?

Originally formed in the mid-1960s, the Friends of the Library for Hood County began as an advocacy group to promote passage of a local referendum establishing the first public library in the Hood County area in 1968. Since that date, the organization has continued to advocate and cultivate public and private support for our library and to promote volunteerism in our community.  In the last four years, the organization has provided more than $75k in funding to support children’s programming, building maintenance, remodeling and improvement, and special title acquisitions, as well as $93K towards the new Library Expansion Project in support of our library and the services it provides.

How can I join the friends of the library?

Membership in the Friends of the Library for Hood County is only $10 per year for individuals and $15 per year for a family. Stop by the FOL Book Store to join or renew your membership.  Forms are available at the counter during store hours. Their website is https://www.folhoodcounty.com/ or you can visit their facebook page here

Library Foundation Board

What does the hood county library foundation board do?

The Hood County Library Foundation (HCLF) was established to provide ongoing support for the Hood County Texas Library beyond the County’s basic annual budgeting, and in addition to any State funding. Contributions to HCLF help the Library to meet its evolving needs.

How can I find more information about the HCLF?
By visiting their website here.